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Food Fest: Sharing Our Love of Healthy Eating with the Hunter College Community

On April 20th, Nutrition Club members, from 2nd year MS to undergraduates, came together to host a tasting event of healthy recipes for the Hunter community. We had live cooking demos. we had many, many samples of delectable creative concoctions. The Nutrition Club’s Healthy Food Fest did indeed embody the “savor the flavor of eating right” at Hunter College. Thank you members for making our last big event of the 2015-16 school year a big success!

Food Drive Competition – November 2014

Competition was fierce from November 2nd to November 19th, 2014 at the Silberman School of Social Work – and for a good cause! Run by the Hunter Nutrition Club, our annual Food Drive was as spirited as ever, garnering two very full and very heavy bins of non-perishable goods for those in need. We ignited a healthy rivalry between 2nd year MS, 1st year MS, and NFS undergrad students in the name of a friendly competition complete with a seriously awesome incentive: the group with the most donations wins a classy, Nutrition Club-sponsored Fruit, Cheese, & Wine celebration!

It was a battle of generosity down to the very end! Now the counts are in, and we’re pleased to announce that the 1st years emerged victorious! A big congratulations and thanks to the 1st years for their overwhelming generosity, and to the 2nd years: we were so close! Let’s step up our game for next time!

With our Food Drive bins occupying the main lobby, all students, faculty, and staff were more than welcome to join in the good will and contribute. All of the food collected will be transported and distributed to the folks at Boriken, Silberman’s neighboring health care facility. Congratulations, everyone! ¬†We did some good – let’s go do some more ūüôā

food drive

Brenda, Seren, Carly, Claudia, & Angela

Big Apple Shout-Out to Edible Schoolyard and PS 7! – October 24th, 2014

On October 24th, 2014, in collaboration with Edible Schoolyard, the Hunter Nutrition Club proudly hosted the Big Apple Crunch during lunch time at Silberman’s neighboring public school, P.S. 7.

As the two of us walked through the bright, cheerful halls, we were greeted with the familiar scrawl of children’s writing and drawings of apple trees – a true testament to the school’s understanding of what it means to celebrate Food Day, as well as its dedication to educating their students in where their food comes from and what it does for their bodies. With nearly 600 apples left over from our own Crunch event in tow, the two of us stuck around for four lunch periods and had the pleasure of chatting with the adorable little ones as they chomped on apples, bearing toothless grins, and indulging in the insatiable appetites of the startlingly tall 7th and 8th graders pleading for seconds (and thirds).

P.S. 7 had the awesome idea of incorporating an apple tasting and sticker chart for their students, which we thought was a fun and creative way to get the kids actively involved and visually see which type of apple they, as a school, preferred. The verdict: Macintosh won out, with Gala coming in at a solid 2nd place.

An unrelated (yet nutritionally exciting) bonus of attending such an event was the school lunch. Admittedly, neither of us expected much more than a few wilted lettuce leaves as the vegetable component so we were impressed when the school trays offered to us were more than half filled by a fresh raw kale and sweet sliced grape salad with a perfectly acidic balsamic vinaigrette. The inclusion of such vibrant greenery alongside school pizza is no doubt a result of the Edible Schoolyard’s influence. A recap of our experience at P.S. 7 would be incomplete without mention of that salad. Kudos to both the school and Edible Schoolyard for introducing healthier and more palatable lunches for kids!

Big Apple Crunch record or not, it was rewarding enough just to get everyone – kids and adults alike – to share in and appreciate a healthy snack together on Food Day. We both had an awesome time working with people who share in the Nutrition Club’s desire spread the health!

Nutrition for all ūüôā

Brenda & Seren

Big Apple Crunch 2014

The Silberman Campus got¬†crunching again! At 4 pm on Wednesday, October 22nd students and faculty came together to celebrate an early Food Day (October 24) by taking a simultaneous out of a delicious apple. With the help of generous donors (Perelandra, Hilltop Hanover, Harvest Moon Farms, Wilken’s Fruit Farm and Fresh Direct)¬†we distributed around 600 apples to our students, faculty and students of the Edible School Yard at P.S 7. The Big Apple Crunch is a yearly event that takes place throughout the five boroughs and brings people together for a crunch that “can be hear around the world”. And what food to better represent National Food Day than a farm-fresh¬†scrumptious apple!

Along with the apples, the Nutrition Club also distributed flyers with nutritional information about the various health benefits of this fruit.

A big thanks to everybody who joined us or helped wash and distribute apples!

2014-10-22 15.10.58 2014-10-22 15.47.302014-10-22 16.00.59 2014-10-22 15.58.44 DSC02179 DSC02177 image6

CUNY Annual Wellness Festival – April 10, 2014


Personally, we have to¬†say that the wellness fair this spring exceeded our expectations since the one we participated in last fall. With almost too many fellow participants to recall, the wellness festival lived up to its name with tables and presenters embodying all aspects of health. It was an awesome experience for us as nutrition students and humbling to say the least, as we realized that proper nutrition, while a vital aspect to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, cannot be our only focus. We need to be aware of every choice we make day to day and know our options, from eating an apple over doughnuts, being mindful of our cholesterol/blood glucose, sitting less and watching our posture, taking the time to meditate and relax so that we can have the best quality of life possible. We were happy to play a part in the betterment of all the attendees’ (200+) health and well being and were equally enlightened ourselves by the other presenters’ messages.

2014_04_10_at_14_26_08_sid26628         2014_04_10_at_14_26_59_sid26629
It’s definitely something to check out next time (and also really cool to show your support for the Nutrition Club if you want to help table with us – it’ll contribute to your wellness)!
– Seren, Claudia, Angela, Brenda

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

welcome sign

On Friday, April 4th, 16 nutrition club members headed out of New York City to visit the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY. After a quick ride on the MetroNorth, we were transported from the concrete jungle to an amazing wonderland of sustainable farming.

The Stone Barns family could not have been more welcoming on their tour during which we learned about their mission to create a healthy and sustainable food system that benefits everyone. Their incredible work not only increases public awareness of healthy, seasonal and sustainable food year-round, but the center also trains aspiring farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques and educates children about the sources of their food to prepare them to continue to steward the land that provides it.

From the flame-torching of weeds, to the interesting variety of crops, the sisterhood of hens, the adorable sheep and lambs and even the stinky pigs – it was a wonderful day exploring how working with our natural environments can improve the way we farm and eat.

Next time, we’ll have to make sure we have time to enjoy the amazing Blue Hill Restaurant located on site that utilizes local and seasonal ingredients for an eclectic, healthy and hearty menu! This place is definitely worth a visit!


Click on the pictures below for the whole album!

photo4 welcome flowers stone barns 3 photo6

More National Nutrition Month activities

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, the Nutrition Club has been sponsoring a series of wellness education opportunities at Silberam.

To kick off the month, Julia Sharkey, club president, organized a visit to campus from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Over 100 students had a chance to voice their opinion on new technologies for personal health and fitness, and sample food products.

This past week, club members led a mini food expo for the campus. Posters addressed the GMO controversy, portion size, foods to reduce stress, and the good, bad and ugly of dietary fats. There was a healthy (non-GMO) snack mix of raw almonds, gluten free cereal, dark chocolate and dried fruit, samples of bread and cold-pressed olive oil, and a display featuring some of NY State’s more unique seasonal produce.

The event succeeded in increasing awareness of relevant topics in food and nutrition. We provided a club cookbook (to be posted online soon!) put together with the help of our graphic design expert Lisa Lanza, an MPH student at Hunter. Club members also provided handouts from the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics National Nutrition Month website ( on topics such as healthy snacking, eating well on a budget, ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and how to use the nutrition label. In addition to raising awareness of key nutrition topics, the club generated interest in our department and some exciting opportunities to collaborate with other groups!

Big thanks to club members Seren Wechsler, Kyle Murray, Jacqueline O’Leary, Beverly Lauchner, and the officers for giving the Silberman campus a reason to “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.”


photo1 photo5 photo6

Kids Food Festival


No matter how cold, Nutrition Club gets out in the community! On March 1st and 2nd, Nutrition Club volunteers helped make¬†Kids¬†Food¬†Festival¬†in Bryant Park a huge success.¬†The event focused on educating families about making balanced¬†food¬†choices through fun and flavorful activities. From helping to pack goodie bags with organic treats and nutrition-related materials, to assisting with event photography, to helping kids and families find their way to cooking classes, our members were hard at work all weekend long.¬†They even had a few minutes to meet some of the stars — Here’s our very own¬†Paula Maceovei and¬†Maria Stavropoulos¬†with Food Network’s Kelsy Nixon (lucky ducks!):

Kelsey Nixon


Our volunteers had fun while helping at the event, and truly felt it made an impact. They loved seeing the enthusiasm and eagerness from children and families on learning how to eat healthier. A big THANK YOU to our members who represented the Nutrition Club: Jess Haas, Lynn Chen, Silvia Lopez-Ross, Cindy Chen, Karishma Devjani, Paula Macovei, and Maria Stavropoulos!

photo 1

More information on the event can be found on their website here:

Good Housekeeping Clubs on Campus

To kick off our Nutrition Month events, we partnered with Good Housekeeping and their Research Institute team to share some health info and get folks enthused about Nutrition Month.

Silberman students participated in testing tablets for usability and features while browsing nutrition content and related websites. Fitness and health apps were featured as well as recipe books and Good Housekeeping articles on health and wellness. Participants were awarded with tasty treats that have won the Research Institute’s Seal as well as handouts offering gluten-free recipes, lists of the best fitness apps, and recent trending nutrition articles. One lucky student even won a coffee maker!

Here are a few snapshots from the event:

COC4 SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Good Housekeeping Clubs on Campus

Thanks to our partners and friends at Good Housekeeping Clubs on Campus for making this event possible!